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Global Background Checks [A Guide]

Canada relies on immigration as an important part of economic and cultural growth. As 1 in 4 Canadian workers are immigrants, many organizations employ people with a work or address history outside of Canada.

Human Resources

ModoHR Interviews Colliers

On this episode of Hired! by ModoHR, we spoke with Kerris, VP of People Services at Colliers, a global leader in real estate services and investment management.

Background Screening

The Gig Economy and Background Checks [Best Practices]

The hiring process for gig-workers tends to be less complex than hiring full-time employees but background screening should still be a step in the onboarding.

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ModoHR and Thinkific [An Interview]

On this episode of Hired! by ModoHR, we spoke with Ryan, Manager of Talent Acquisition at Thinkific, a software platform that enables entrepreneurs to create, market, sell and delivery their own online courses.

Human Resources

Hired! With ModoHR and Guusto

On this episode of Hired! by ModoHR, we spoke with Noah, Head of People at Guusto, an employee and customer rewards and recognition organization.

Criminal Record Checks

Basic and Enhanced Criminal Record Checks [A Comparison]

Criminal Record Checks in Canada can be a complex topic. There are two different levels of searches available – a Basic Criminal record Check and an Enhanced Criminal Record Check. Both types of criminal record checks in Canada require the individual’s signed consent, and an RCMP approved form of ID verification before proceeding.

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ModoHR becomes first BC HR tech firm to commit to a Living Wage

ModoHR has been certified as a Living Wage Employer – committing to pay its staff and contracted workers a Living Wage

Human Resources

Hired! with ModoHR and Klue

Welcome to Hired! where we look behind the scenes to find out what's going on in the world of hiring and HR. On this episode of Hired! by ModoHR, we spoke with Kathy, Vice President of People at Klue, a competitive intelligence platform that enables the collection, curation and distribution of competitive intel within an organization.

Human Resources

Hired! with ModoHR and Veres Career Consulting

Welcome to the Hired! Podcast, where we interview HR leaders and get their take on what's going on in the world of HR right now. In this episode we’re speaking with Krisztina Veres and Eva Szekely from Veres Career Consulting.

Background Screening

How to Screen Volunteers [And Why It’s Important]

Volunteers are in high demand and open roles can be difficult to fill. Taking steps to ensure that a person is the right fit for a volunteer position is important for many reasons, including matching their skills with the role, ensuring the safety of the community, and protecting the liability of your organization.

Human Resources

Hired! with ModoHR and Michael Hill

In this episode of HIRED! By ModoHR, we spoke with Menique Kodikara, Human Resources Manager at Michael Hill, a retail jeweller that operates in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, in the business of love and celebrating special moments.

Background Screening

How to Improve Your Candidate Experience [5 Tips]

In the world of recruitment, every organization is looking to employ candidates that fit their company culture, but far too few organizations make a decent effort to provide a positive experience for candidates throughout the process.


Caring Support Partners with ScreeningCanada™

Caring Support is pleased to announce it has partnered with ModoHR Technologies Inc (“ModoHR”) to process background searches on ModoHR’s ScreeningCanada™ web application, the most compliant and technologically advanced Canadian background screening platform.

Background Screening

17 Actionable Tips to Improve Your Remote Hiring Process [2021]

To help you better navigate the remote hiring process, we compiled a list of the 17 best and most actionable tips to help adapt your hiring practices to accommodate a remote workforce.

Human Resources

ModoHR and Johnvince Foods [A Discussion]

Remote work has become the standard for most organizations in 2020. Although there are quite a few benefits, including reduced turnover, for an organization when they allow their employees to work from home, some companies still haven’t adopted a remote working policy.

Human Resources

ModoHR Interviews Paysafe

What is the biggest challenge facing Human Resources roles today? With the hurdles that 2020 has presented to most people, we invited Michael Andrasi, Human Resources Business Partner at Paysafe, onto the podcast to share how his team has adapted and what he has learned so far.

Background Screening

6 Tips for Selecting a Background Screening Provider [Checklist]

Background screening can be considered a commodity in today’s employment market. With the On-Demand Industry and a more engaged and accessible candidate pool to draw from, organizations need to ensure their screening process can keep up.

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks in Canada [Ultimate Guide]

A compliant and accurate background screening process protects an organization’s employees, property, customers,and reputation.

Background Screening

Considerations for Rescreening Current Employees

Most organizations recognize the need to conduct a background checks on their candidates prior to employment starting but rescreening employees during employment is not nearly as well known.


Streamline your hiring with ScreeningCanada™ and Greenhouse

ScreeningCanada’s integration with Greenhouse Recruiting allows for hiring decisions to be made more efficiently by eliminating the need for back and forth between your background screening account and your ATS.


Integrate your hiring process with SAP SuccessFactors™ and ScreeningCanada™

ScreeningCanada’s integration with SAP SuccessFactors allows for hiring decisions to be made more efficiently by eliminating the need for back and forth between an organization’s background screening account and their ATS.

Background Screening

The Cost of a Bad Hire and How to Avoid It

Finding qualified candidates for open positions is one of the most important aspects of a successful organization. Hiring the wrong person can cost a company both time and money for a multitude of reasons. By implementing key hiring practices, bad hires can all but be avoided.


Hiring made easy with ScreeningCanada™ and Workday™

The integration between ScreeningCanada™ and Workday removes the need to go back and forth between your ATS and your background screening account. Now, using the seamless integration, the recruiter or hiring manager is able to launch the background check for a candidate from within their Workday Recruiting account.

Background Screening

Hiring Post Covid-19

Since Covid-19 became a fast reality for the world and the way that business is run, adaptation has been the name of the game. Employers scrambled to launch remote working capabilities for their teams.

Background Screening

100% remote recruitment is possible… and not a moment too soon!

Recruitment and hiring are often associated with a resume, interview, handshake and a start date. Once the right candidate has been found, they need to meet the HR Manager for an interview and tour of their potentially new office space before navigating a folder of onboarding forms and that awkward first day… correct?

Background Screening

Vulnerable Sector Checks Explained

There is often indecision as to whether an organization should request a Vulnerable Sector Verification (VSV), or as it often called a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC), from their candidate, or if a standard or enhanced criminal record check is enough.

Background Screening

Mitigating risk and supporting clients during this turbulent time

As Canadians adapt to these new,unusual circumstances, I wanted to share what our team has done to mitigate risk and support clients during this turbulent time.

Background Screening

Background Screening Amidst Covid-19

The world of background screening has always been fluid and ever-changing. We respond to the needs of employers across the country. We adapt to changing privacy and data security laws. We embrace new technology and new ways of onboarding new hires for positions in all levels. COVID-19 is another challenge for us to overcome. Will it be easy? No. Will the industry be changed? Probably. Will it be changed for the better? Definitely.

Background Screening

LiveVideoID – The Best Solution for Remote ID Verification

LiveVideoID, ScreeningCanada’s proprietary video identification service, approved by Canadian police services, allows candidates to easily authenticate their ID from ANYWHERE using their laptop, their desktop, or most importantly using their smartphone!

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