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ScreeningCanada is a background screening platform that uses 100% compliant technology to make the process easier for everyone, including you. Many Canadian organizations must conduct background screening on candidates to ensure they're the right fit. During this process, you are fully protected by Canadian Privacy and Human Rights legislation, including provincial regulations.  

Candidate FAQ

What if my background is being checked and what are my rights?  

You have a right to access your information, dispute its accuracy, and be told its sources and to whom it has been disclosed. Your information may be protected by federal or provincial privacy laws.  For more information about out privacy practice and your rights, read our Privacy Statement

What information will my background check return?

In Canada, pre-employment screening background checks are common, and the personal information requested and collected should be limited to what is required for the proposed position. Background checks should only be completed after the applicant has been informed of a conditional offer of employment and with prior written consent.

What type of information is provided on a driver abstract?

The driver abstract information varies from province to province. In general, this record includes: violations, convictions, prohibition from driving, activities contributing to license suspensions, restrictions, outstanding reinstatement conditions, and other information relating to disqualifications.

Does the Criminal Record Check expire?

Criminal Record Checks are valid as of the date they were conducted. Results are provided with the date of completion rather than an expiration date. It is up to the requesting organizations to determine their own thresholds for how long a check will be considered "valid". If it is determined that it has been too long since the completion of your check, the organization may request a renewal.

Will a credit check affect my credit score?

An employment search will be recorded as a "soft touch" and will not be used in calculating credit scores.

What is eID and what happens if the applicant cannot be verified through eID?

We offer Electronic Identity Verification (eID) to authenticate the identity of an Applicant as a substitute for physical identity verification. If the applicant cannot be verified through eID, the applicant’s identity must be verified through completing a Physical Identity Verification to complete a criminal record check.

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