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Criminal Record Searches

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Criminal Record Check - Enhanced

Our Enhanced Criminal Record Check is the most comprehensive Criminal Record Check available nationally. Across Canada it is also referred to as a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC),Police Information Check (PIC), or a Level 2 Check. The Enhanced Criminal Record Check utilizes the databanks from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) to search the National Repository of Criminal Records and most importantly,conduct queries into the Investigative and Identification data banks of CPIC. Additionally, it provides visibility into a Nationally populated database of locally held Police Records within the Police Information Portal (PIP). All results are based on the candidate’s confirmed name and date of birth. ModoHR and the ScreeningCanada platform are authorized to offer these searches by an Memorandum of Understanding executed with our Police partners.

The Enhanced Criminal Record Check provides two results:   
1. The Criminal Record Check result (Negative/Clear, Incomplete/Unclear or Confirmation of declared record(s) if a Self-Declaration is provided) indicating Canadian Criminal Indictable Convictions which have not been pardoned, or subject to an approved record suspension
2.  An Enhanced search of additional databases (Negative/Clear or Additional Check Recommended), providing comprehensive visibility into the following key areas:

  • Discharged findings of guilt may be identified if relevant and releasable (Absolute discharges within 1 year and Conditional discharges within 3 years).
  • Additional Convictions, either indictable or summary, that have not yet been populated into the RCMP’s National Repository of Criminal Records.
  • Summary convictions, within the past five years.
  • Discovery of Items including current outstanding warrants; criminal charges presently before the courts as well as potentially restrictive bail or release conditions associated to the charge(s);  peace bonds and  any current prohibition or probation  orders in effect.  Any of these items will identify an individual for follow up with their local police for a detailed criminal record verification that only a local police service can disclose.

Search result details are not released to third parties, however, candidates identified by the Enhanced Criminal Record Check searches are directed to attend their local police detachment with instructions to apply for a detailed search and in very rare cases may be required to submit fingerprints. The local police service will determine if the flagged item is both relevant and releasable.  

Candidates who obtain additional results from this search by their local police, may securely save and then share the returned results via the ScreeningCanada platform with the organization requesting the search.

Criminal Record Check - Basic

The Basic Criminal Record Check (aka Standard or CPIC search) is a query, based on name and date-of-birth, of active criminal files in the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. The basic search utilizes the databanks from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) to search the National Repository of Criminal Records and most importantly, conduct queries into the Investigative and Identification data banks of CPIC. This search will report any Canadian criminal convictions that have not been pardoned, discharged or sealed by record suspension. ModoHR and the ScreeningCanada platform are authorized to offer these searches by an Memorandum of Understanding executed with our Police partners.

Priority Criminal Search

At the time of request, Standard or Enhanced Criminal Record Check searches can be ordered as a priority/rush.

Declaration of a Criminal Record - Included with all Criminal Searches

A Declaration allows individuals to voluntarily disclose criminal convictions in Canada during the Criminal Record Check process. The authorized Police Agency will confirm or not confirm the information voluntarily revealed by the candidate. This process allows requesting organizations to view and adjudicate previous Criminal convictions.  In the event the Police Agency is unable to confirm information provided within the Declaration, fingerprint processing at Local Police Agencies may take up to 120 business days to verify the criminal record. Therefore, Self-Declaration is highly recommended to eliminate the need to have the candidate provide fingerprints and accelerate the process.

Police Certificates

Canadian Police Clearance certificates are official documents issued by the Accredited Police Agency in Canada and can be requested as an original or electronic copy.

International Criminal Record Checks

Criminal record checks are an important component of the hiring process and can be conducted in many countries around the world. ScreeningCanada’s international criminal record checks utilize our candidate driven process to provide an easy way of doing a background check on an individual who has lived outside of Canada. Our team keeps up to date on compliance requirements ensuring that your background checks are following the local regulations in the applicable countries.


A Quebec Court Registries and Municipal Court Search

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Reliability Searches

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Credit Summary

This data search is completed by accessing a National Credit Reporting Agency to verify personal information related to the financial activity and history of the applicant. The report will summarize fraud alerts, collections and potential risk. Credit Reports provide information based on an individual’s credit history. This will obviously provide insights into their financial responsibilities, but also valuable information with regards to their employment history, physical relocations, and identity, such as aliases.

ScreeningCanada meets all requirements for Canadian Credit Bureau accreditation, and as such has developed an API with Canadian Credit Bureaus to access credit information and deliver the results directly to our Clients through the platform and reduce the need for data entry. A great deal of trust and responsibility makes the Credit Reliability Reports obtained through ScreeningCanada a leading source of credit and identity information. All credit data is securely stored in Canada, ensuring compliance with Canadian privacy legislation is continually met.

Electronic ID Verification eID

Electronic ID Verification (eID) meets the RCMP’s Dissemination of Criminal Record Information policy for verifying a person’s identity electronically. eID uses personal information collected by a Canadian Credit Bureau to verify a candidate’s identity. eID is not a credit report and is used only to accurately identify a candidate.

To use eID a candidate should:

  • Have a credit history in Canada of at least 6 months
  • Have lived in Canada for at least two years and have a current Canadian address
  • Answer a set of security questions unique to their personal credit history correctly

If the candidate is unsuccessful, their identity can be verified on-site or by live real-time identification. In accordance with the provisions of relevant privacy legislation, all Identity Verification data will be retained in Canada for a minimum of two (2) years for CPIC audit purposes.

LiveVideoID™ Verification

Unique to ScreeningCanada, our Canadian team is authorized to verify the ID of your candidates instantly over video chat – removing onboarding barriers and immediately reducing candidate drop-off from those who fail the eID step.

Global Watch List

A Global Watch List search ensures compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Regulations. It will determine if an individual is on any government watchlists or sanctions lists, has any adverse media published about them or is a politically exposed person. The candidate will be checked against Watchlists, Sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Lists. An adverse media search is also available as part of an Enhanced Global Watchlist Search.

The watchlist and sanctions search utilizes over 4,500 global Government published watchlists to determine if an individual is involved in crimes, terrorism corruption or financial regulatory actions.

The PEP search will report on any connections to high-level roles in a government, either directly, through family members, or through close personal and business relationships. PEPs are considered higher risk customers because their proximity to power offers more opportunities to engage in unethical or unlawful behavior, such as nepotism, money laundering, and embezzlement.

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References and Verifications

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eReference Checks

ScreeningCanada supports a streamlined eReference process for personal or professional information collection to support the applicant’s personal and employment history. eReferences will be delivered only to valid employers who complete a reference survey that includes vital details regarding the applicant. Our eReference Checks are built with IP tracking technology to ensure that the email address they are being sent to aligns with the person they are intended to reach.  

Reference Checks typically take a significant amount of time and are often not conducted effectively. ScreeningCanada’s platform delivers an eReference directly to the reference’s inbox. Our probing and insightful questions are designed to provide unique insights only an individual who’s work with your candidate can provide. References can complete the interview on their time, which increases completion rates. There is no reliance on phone tag and voicemails to obtain a reference.

Education Verifications

More individuals lie about their Education that any other credential. With so many diploma mills and the sheer ease of ‘stretching the truth’ when it comes to educational accomplishments, it may often be impossible to tell the truth by simply reading a resume.  

With an education verification completed through ScreeningCanada, not only are you confirming a candidate’s skills, but you are also looking at whether your candidate is being honest. The ScreeningCanada platform forms relationships with individual institutions in Canada and around the world. Our technology allows us to go directly to the registrar, providing industry leading turnaround times and completely verified information on your applicant’s education.

Credential Verifications

By verifying an individual’s certifications through ScreeningCanada, you are protecting your organization from the risks of hiring someone who is not qualified or licensed to perform the specific job requirements.  

The ScreeningCanada team will verify that the candidate’s credentials are valid and up to date, allowing you to have confidence in who you are hiring.  

Employment Verifications

Verifying a candidate's previous employment is a cost-effective way to confirm information provided by the candidate directly with the employer. Employment Verifications consist of confirming the company name, dates of employment, position, reason for leaving, and eligibility for rehire. The ScreeningCanada platform will collect all necessary information and our team will contact each organization's HR Department or Payroll to verify the claims made by the candidate.

Internet Abstract

Today’s modern population lives online, and often an individual’s true personality will shine through a social media site. Having insight into a candidate’s use of social media will provide information on how they behave outside of the workplace, but also what they think of their current roles.

ScreeningCanada’s robust social media searches will highlight objectionable material and potentially illegal activity as defined by the employer. The platform itself will generate a search of many online social media properties based on your candidate’s information, returning information directly to the candidate’s profile. Should further investigation be required, ScreeningCanada can conduct a deeper dive.

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Driver's Authentications

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Canadian Driver's License Verification

This search is by province and typically for clients that do not require abstract details (ride sharing or cab service) and only require verification that the candidate’s drivers license is currently valid, class of license, date of birth, gender and verification of the candidate’s name.  This is best practice for rental car companies, employers with corporate vehicles, delivery drivers, and insurance companies for compliance requirements or annual screens as required to mitigate risk and corporate liability.  

Canadian Driver's Abstracts

Canadian Driver's Abstracts contain verification of the candidate’s personal information such as name, date of birth, gender and status of license. It will also provide convictions, suspensions and prohibitions. For many Canadian companies, the Driver Abstract screening is best practice to annually screen to reduce risk and minimize potential insurance increases.

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