Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: 9 September, 2019

Privacy by Design means that we take a proactive approach to privacy. Rather than trying to fix privacy problems as they come up, we aim to prevent them entirely. Before a new system, product or procedure is developed, or an existing one is modified, we carefully review any effect it may have on personal information to ensure our Core Privacy Principles are upheld.

All ScreeningCanada™ employees receive comprehensive privacy training tailored to their job function at the beginning of employment and at regular intervals throughout their employment. The Privacy Team is actively engaged with all areas of our business to ensure that our privacy obligations are understood and followed. Our Privacy Team consists of dedicated Canadian experts dedicated to Compliance and adherence to Canadian Privacy law, who keep abreast of changing privacy rules and practices in Canada and around the world. Through regular engagement with privacy professionals from other organizations, Canadian law enforcement, legal professionals, and participation in continuing professional education programs, the entire Screening Canada team consistently stays up-to-date of the latest privacy requirements.

ScreeningCanada™ may have some personal information in our systems that may not be under our legal control because it belongs to a client. This includes personal information provided to us by public bodies subject to the Privacy Act or similar provincial legislation. Whenever it is in our custody, information that is not under our control is handled in accordance with our Privacy Statement to the extent permitted by the contractual agreement with the client. If you would like clarification as to who controls your personal information, contact us. ScreeningCanada™ does not make decisions on behalf of clients as to what types of background check services or searches to request. Our role is to complete the services as ordered by our clients after consent is given by the data subject to do so. We also do not advise on how personal information will be used once it has been disclosed to a client. Any questions about why certain types of background checks or searches have been requested or how the results will be interpreted or used should be directed to the requesting organization.

We may be asked by law enforcement agencies, courts or other public bodies to disclose personal information without notice to or consent from the data subject. If we are subject to a production order, warrant, subpoena or other enforceable demand, we will comply as required by law. If we receive a request to provide information voluntarily, we will consider the interests of the data subject, our business interests, impact to clients, public safety implications and our legal obligations prior to deciding whether to disclose personal information. If appropriate and permitted by law, we will notify affected data subjects or clients of the disclosure or make information about the disclosure available upon

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